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Miss Li Yan is the chairwoman and general manager of Qingdao KaiYueDa international business co., LTD. , senior immigration specialists. She was born in the seventies and graduated from ShanDong University. She was appointed as the director of China International Chamber of Commerce (ccpit), and deputy director of China World Trade Development Center, also was member of the China international Investment and promotion association and the Council of Chinese international multinational companies association. 

She is the current deputy president of the Economic Strategy and Enterprise Development Association of China, the member of CCPIT, member of Chamber of Commerce of China and Italy.

Miss Li Yan did follow and company with several national leaders to visit overseas for many times, leading the Chinese entrepreneurs delegation to visit North America, Europe, Australia and other countries for the business communication. Miss LiYan had business meetings With current US ambassador to China, Mr Max, the U.S. Department of Commerce, vice-minister David, Mr Boehner, American embassies and consulates in China, senior officials and the current governor of Montana, Mr Steve, director of the Swiss economy development, Mr Philip and the president of Italy chamber of commerce, the British federal economic promote commissioner and the Chinese government officials.


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