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Qingdao KaiYueDa international business Co., LTD is one of the professional service agencies with legal qualification. Company has been approved by the Ministry of Public Security and State Administration for Industry and Commerce, also been evaluated as four-stars business by the Exit and Entry Administration bureau.The main service we provide is the entry and exit business of citizens. 

Company was founded in Beijing since early age. At the beginning of establishment, the company mainly devotes to providing service of overseas development and investment to Chinese enterprises. KaiYueDa is the member of the China International Chamber of commerce (CCPIT), at the same time, it utilizes the government agencies of China and other countries, business associations, and many other powerful organizations as platform.In the past decade, KaiYueDa has successfully provide overseas investment and cooperation plan service for many enterprises and companies. Due to the rich experience, company has obtained some unique perspectives and advantages on the overseas real estate investment projects. We have been devoting to delivering customers the immigrant project which is more safer and efficient. Company had been officially moved back to Qingdao from Beijing by Ms.Li Yan since 2007. After back home, the company allocated all its resources and efforts on providing overseas immigrant service for families.

 As a Qingdao pioneer immigration company, the company based in Qingdao, and  service the whole region of Shan Dong province. Rich experiences have been accumulated from the past decade,and numerous succeed cases can be used by customers as references.

Company since its establishment, has successfully helped over 15000 customers to deal with immigration issue, and satisfied every customer very well. Thoughtful  service makes our company excellent in the whole industry.

The company's services:

• Investment immigration: the United States, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, grenada, Greece, Albania, Ireland

Cyprus, Italy and other European countries

Other kinds of immigration: the L1 manager,EB-3Professional immigrants, Germany blue card, employers in Belgium, etc

• overseas relocation service

The company's service advantage:

1.The safety of the project

Company founded in Beijing since early age. It is member of the China international chamber of commerce (ccpit), at the same time, it depends on the government agencies of China and other countries, business associations, and many other powerful platforms. Company has been accumulating experience for many years, we are able to choose the safe and stable project for every customers.

 2,Truly own overseas team

Our company has our own overseas team, including in the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany and other overseas offices.Company has more than ten years experience of professional immigration lawyer. Meanwhile, the distinguished former immigration visa examiners and former immigration officials are our honorary adviser. Based on the cooperate between domestic team and overseas offices, we can ensure our high quality of service.

3, improve the security measures

Company will strictly protect information of customers. Customer information is only used to deal with immigration investment application,and submit to embassies or related institutions. Without the consent of the customer, we would never leak the customer information to any third party.

In order to provide best serve to more customers, Qingdao KaiYueDa international business co., LTD., promises that we do only select the safest and most comfortable immigrant project. We appreciate and value your trust, and we will do our best to help you with the better oversea life.


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